How does RightsClear work?

RightsClear Total: This is the straightforward clearance service. No legal advice – just ask us to clear a property with the relevant rights holders and we’ll do it.

When you ask us to clear any rights for you, we will charge you a flat fee of £500 +VAT upfront to initiate negotiations. We will then track down and contact the rights holders and negotiate the key commercial terms of the clearance for you.

Once you have decided to enter into a deal we have negotiated, we will charge you a flat rate of 10% + VAT on that deal. If you don’t like the terms we have negotiated, there is no obligation on you to accept them. So, you can rest assured that we will always try to get the best terms we can for you.

RightsClear Snapshot: For a fixed fee of £350 plus VAT, we will briefly review the material you propose using and will indicate if there are any areas that we believe may create legal risks for you. We will also provide simple, straightforward advice as to the basic steps you can take to manage any such risks.

RightsClear Legal: This package is a beefed up version of RightsClear Snapshot and comprises:-

1. An explanation of the practical legal risks of using uncleared intellectual property.

2. A review and analysis of the IP assets and the types of use you are proposing, including highlighting the specific risks.

3. A set of guidelines geared towards your specific business, designed to help you minimise the risk of infringing any third party's rights.

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How do I get the ball rolling?

Just send an e-mail to us at and we will contact you to find out more about your proposed use of images and the RightsClear services you are interested in. Alternatively, just call us on +44 (0) 20 7611 9669.

Who provides this service?

RightsClear is a service provided by expert intellectual property lawyers, Couchmans LLP, working in partnership with experienced media industry executives who specialise in negotiating and securing rights clearances. Thanks to many years advising clients in the intellectual property, media and sports sectors, Couchmans LLP have a wealth of experience in this area. The leading legal directories say the following about the firm:

"The achievement of this firm is
incredible... it has made a huge impression in the market."
(LEGAL 500)

"... great base of knowledge and industry wise people"